Workforce Management

End-to-end management of employee lifecycle from onboarding and induction to retirement or separation.

Workforce Management Process

Voyon Folks is a fully integrated solution that enables organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of an employee from onboarding through probation and regularization to final separation from the organization.

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Here’s What It Does

Expedites Candidate Onboarding

  • Voyon Folks Workforce Management service facilitates various processes involved of integrating a new employee into an organization, ensuring seamless transition from an individual from a prospective candidate to an employee on the rolls, and manages the entire lifecycle thereafter till separation of the employee from the organization.
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Helps in Conducting Timely Probation Review

  • The solution enables managers / reporting officers to review the performance of candidates on probation based on parameters defined by the organization, and to either confirm them in service or extend the period of probation.
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Helps in Motivating Employees through Awards and Accolades

  • Through proper tracking of employee performance, Voyon Folks enables organizations to recognize and reward outstanding performers, thus motivating them to perform even better, and setting an example to other members of the organization.
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Supports Process-driven Separation from Service

  • Voyon Folks supports a process-driven separation approach that can be applied across an organization with a clearly defined Employee Offboarding Checklist that includes the required paperwork, exit interviews, clearance from various departments, full and final settlement of employee dues and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions!

1)What is workforce in HRM?

Workforce refers to the total number of people who are employed in a specific company, or are working on a specific task — i.e., human resources.

2)What does workforce mean?

1: the workers engaged in a specific activity or enterprise the factory's workforce. 2: the number of workers potentially assignable for any purpose the nation's workforce.

3)Is workforce part of HR?

While the HR department is typically responsible for the bulk of workforce planning initiatives, other members of senior management may be involved in the workforce planning process, including the CEO, COO, CFO and other leaders responsible for organizational strategy.