Learning & Development

Organizations need to continuously re-invent themselves and re-skill and up-skill their employees to stay in the race.

Learning & Development Process

Organizations must embark upon a process of continuous learning and development to ensure their employees stay abreast of evolving technologies and are nimble enough to rapidly respond to change.

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Focuses on Continuous Learning and Development

  • Voyon Folks Learning & Development service aims at enhancing the knowledge and skills of employees, including soft skills, so that they can grow in their careers while the organization benefits from improved efficiency.
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Tracks Effectiveness of Training Program

  • The L&D service helps you track training sessions attended by individual employees, elicit feedback on training programs conducted, update employee profiles with new certifications / learning credits, and assess the impact of various training programs on your business.
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Offers Customizable Dashboards Showing L&D Data

  • Tracking and reporting capabilities built into the service allows you to gain insights into L&D related activities, review performance of individual employees, and assess the overall impact on the organization through custom dashboards.
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Promotes Career Growth of Employees

  • By helping to schedule regular training sessions, and by tracking and following up on the training outcomes, Voyon Folks L&D service makes sure employees make steady progress in their careers, while making the organization itself more attractive to prospective employees.
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Frequently Asked Questions!

1)What is learning and development means?

Learning and Development is a term used to describe everything a business does to encourage professional development among its employees.

2)What is the role of learning and development?

The goal of Learning and development is to align employee goals and performance with that of the organizations.

3)What Is learning & Development in HRM?

What is learning and development to HRM? Learning and development is the method of accruing value in employees in human resource.