Oil & Gas

Importance of HRMS in Oil and Gas industry

The Petroleum Industry, also known as the Oil Industry or the Oil Patch, includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting and marketing of petroleum products. It is comprised of cycles and activities that include looking for possible underground or underwater unrefined petroleum and flammable gas fields, drilling of exploratory wells and subsequently drilling working the wells that recover and bring the crude oil or raw natural gas to the surface. The oil and gas global supply-chain includes activities such as domestic and international transportation, ordering and inventory visibility and control, materials handling, import/export facilitation and information technology.

  • Talent Acquisition: The main challenges that recruiters face when filling energy positions is the average time it takes to hire. Energy and utilities area has one of the longest screenings and recruiting windows. Voyon Folks Talent Acquisition help to recruit the candidate on right time and reduces the time. Voyon Folks Talent Acquisition helps to minimize the time for entire process. Interview process and selection process will be very flexible, tasks such as issuance of offer letters to selected candidates, tracking the status and engagement of candidates, initiation of on-boarding procedures and adding candidates to the employee roster are all simplified.
  • Performance management: The new rebound in the oil and gas industry and demographic trends are creating a strong demand for skilled employees. The employees are not getting trained enough and their performance are not up to the standard. This is the critical challenge faced by oil and gas industry in the present scenario. Voyon Folks Performance Management service helps the organization to give proper training methods and helps to observe the employees working condition. HR Team will conduct periodic performance reviews to ensure employees are progressing towards the goals. Appropriate review method helps the organization to find out the employees’ satisfaction also.
  • Payroll management: Companies engaged in petroleum industry have huge number of employees. They have different department, different location, various activities and so on. The main challenge for HR is to manage all activities in an easiest way. Here Voyon Folks Payroll Management helps the organization to customize your salary structure and benefits package in line with your organization’s specific requirements, including those related to allowances, deductions, F&F settlement etc. The Voyon Folks Payroll service allows you to track various types of leave and manage all leaves related data of employees in a centralized location. The payroll service records real-time attendance data from devices such as biometric devices and mobile phones.
  • Employee Self Service: Employee strength is oil and gas company are comparatively high. Voyon Folks Employee Self Service helps the employees to manage their own activities in a centralized portal. Employees can enter personal data, leave request, reason for leave request, by allowing employees to personally enter their data and other information, ESS service saves significant amount of time. This service allows employees to access information related to their schedules, pay slips and benefits package. This also helps employees to easily communicate with the HR Team through a mobile-friendly interface.