Importance of HRMS for Construction Industry

Construction industry is on the rise today, if we look back there weren’t many companies in construction. But now there are so many companies that there is a heavy competition in the construction industry. These companies are eagerly into onsite work but they face a problem of low labour.

Today, there is a huge demand on construction sites, and it is quite impossible to complete the human management demand without a human resource management system. The main problem that construction companies face is data silos. With work being mobile and changing, companies face problems in managing their workforce in a systematic manner and this is the reason behind the poor integrated management system.

Voyon Folks HCMS helps in exactly this; they help companies with human capital management in an easy and organized manner.

  • Project Management: -

    Every industry always counts the dedicated and hardworking people when it is the question of their growth and success. These skilled and knowledge workers are important for the completion of projects and delivery of good quality products.

    The problem here is that there are no fixed employees in the company, employees walk-out and walk-in as they see fit for their living. This is the problem that makes recruitment ongoing in a construction company and this is itself a huge problem, if done manually this always leads to dis-organization.

    By using Voyon Folks HCMS companies can get everything organized from putting high recruitment standards, to advanced job positions, to follow-up on each recruitment, to project management. With these software products HR can monitor their candidates from a big pool of talent. And with the right system in the right place, companies can steer their performance in the right direction.

  • Attendance Issues: -

    In construction sites there is an ongoing favor of putting the attendance of their friends. For a construction business it is a negative thing, this leads to inability of understanding the reason being delays.

    Companies have time and attendance tracking tools like Biometric Attendance System, face identification, employee timesheets management, which ensures the right person is putting his attendance.

    With cloud based human capital management systems, problems of monitoring from different places and time are solved. With this software employees can clock their attendance anytime, from any site. These software help in understanding if the employees are falling off the track and it helps in making quick decisions.

    A company HR can easily understand these data from the system which helps them go through the payroll of employees, employee performance evaluation, or transfer.

  • Payroll: -

    Payroll without errors is always a problem for all the companies as there are several additions and deductions in the pay. And if the company has a huge workforce, this makes the payroll problem even more problematic.

    With Voyon Folks HCMS, these problems fall short as through software it is easy for HR managers to easily understand the deductions and additions and create a payroll.

    With the right HMCS, construction companies can steer and manage their human capital for the benefit of the company. It thus keeps employees and your clients in a more secure work environment.