Importance of HRMS in Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry, the business of producing and selling self-powered vehicles, including cars, trucks, farm equipment, two-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. The principal products are passenger automobiles and light trucks. Automotive Industry comprises of wide range of organizations which involve activities like designing, manufacturing, sales and marketing services.

  • Recruitment and Selection: In Automotive Industry, employee turnover is excessive. Employees leaving the organization and getting replaced consistently is a major problem in Automotive Industry. Recruiting highly skilled employees is the main challenge in Automotive Industry. Talent Acquisition system helps to take a closer look on turnover metrics and identify the patterns and causes for turnover. Talent Acquisition system take care of the whole process of Recruitment to Retirement. At the same time, Talent Acquisition can implement a strategical plan in hiring for long haul.
  • Payroll Management: Payroll Management is the most important function in every organization. In Automotive Industry employee’s workforce is high. So, chances of errors are also high. Payroll function has numerical aspects that are clearly finance but at the same time, involve dealing with employee confidential and personal matters, basically a HR trained to do. Cloud based HR software helps to manage all functions of payroll. This would include details of the employee’s salary, incentives, bonuses, deductions and net pay. Even employees can also access the Cloud based HR software for their queries and clarification. Cloud based HR software provide a secure data protection.
  • Skill Development: In Automotive Industry, the employees mainly focus in completing their individual task. Experienced people can cope up with organization needs but a fresher needs a proper Skill Development program. Employee turnover is also dependent on skill development program. Skill management system help to mold the employees according to the organization needs. It is mainly focused on developing the technical as well as soft skills of the employee’s. Giving awareness about the latest technologies to the employees can improve their skills and ideas and it will inturn lead to organizational goal and reduce employee turnover.
  • Communication and Collaboration: It is evident that in Automotive Industry communication between the employees and managers are comparatively low. This will create high absenteeism and turnover. A fruitful relationship between employees and superiors is particularly important. In Automotive Industry the main problem is communication barrier. Organizational initiatives announced by top management may not be executed to lower-level employees. This will create low commitment towards the organization. Voyonfolks software helps to address all information regarding the organization. Employees can easily access the information about upcoming events, new announcements, rules and regulations etc.
  • Employee Engagement: In Automotive Industry, employees are running behind to complete their assigned task. The interaction between colleagues and managers are comparatively less. Employees job satisfaction is particularly important. In Automotive Industry, Voyonfolks helps to reconsider their mentoring practices and make an effective career development program for employees. Voyonfolks helps to understand and make the working environment conducive for nurturing creative minds. Voyonfolks support the employees in good feedback system, self-service functionality, social collaboration tools etc.