HRMS Attendance

Integrating HRMS attendance captured through various devices and applying business rules pertaining to anomalies and leave.

Best HRMS Attendance Software in India

Various policies such as shift, attendance anomaly, short hours, overtime, leave etc to be defined before tracking the hrms attendance and leave. Voyon Folks HRMS Attendance and Leave services simplifies this processes with it's intuit design.

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Here’s What It Does

Enables Remote HRMS Attendance Tracking with Geo-tagging

  • The service records real-time attendance data from sources such as biometric devices, mobile phones or the in-built ESS portal. It can also capture the check-in and check-out times of employees working from remote locations or from home.
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Simplifies Leave Management

  • The Payroll service allows you to manage various types of leave and stores all leave related data of employees in a centralized location. It also allows you to configure specific rules related to leave as appropriate for your organization.
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Frequently Asked Questions!

1)How is HRMS attendance managed by e HRMS portal?

The attendance module in HRMS facilitates better timekeeping. With automated timesheets created by the system weekly or monthly, timesheet errors are nullified and project time management becomes easier.

2)What is online attendance?

“Online attendance management system” or “e-attendance” is one of them! Online Attendance Management System is an application developed for collect student's or employee’s daily attendance

3)What is the best attendance software in India?

The best attendance software in India refers to an organization's approach to tracking employee time and attendance information.